Sunday, January 15, 2017

2016 Lessons Part II

 Just a bit addition from the last time.

 'If we find someone good, don't try to find someone better'. What I mean, we may try to find someone perfect but in reality, everyone know that no one is perfect. Even ourselves. Why we try to find someone that even us can't be? By the way, when we try to find someone better, we may lost someone that actually the best for us. Only ourselves know who is the best for us. There may be someone that better than that person but that doesn't mean the other person is better for us. Also, no one want to be left because their partner find 'someone better', so if we want that not to happen, don't do same thing. Also, only us know what we trully want and hope from that person. So think deeply, think about what actually that we want. Is it the perfection? Or is it that person that we want? Just think and we will know.

'Be responsible for everything that we did and don't regret for every choice that we make'. In our everyday life, we always need to choose, make a decision for what we want to do. And sometimes, we can't deny that we do make mistakes, as we only a human being. So that's why, before we choose to do something, think about its effect. Don't let other to influence our choice as we are the one that will fully responsible to it. Make a choice that we won't regret. Make a choice that we willing to take the risk. Remember, don't try to run away once we need to be responsible for something that we did. Running away doesn't fix anything. Things will only get worse. By the way, even we did mistake, don't regret. We have something to learn. Just don't repeat  the same mistake. Always repent and turn back to Him. Ask for His forgiveness and pray so we don't make the same mistake. If we make mistake to others, say sorry. It costs nothing. And when we say sorry, say it from the bottom of our hearts.

 'Love ourselves, treasure ourselves and believe in ourselves'. We may keep overlook about something like love our own self which mean accept whoever we are. People keep questioned about their weakness. It's hard for most people to accept it. If even we can't accept ourselves, how can we expect others to accept how we are? Treasure ourselves, tell ourselves that we did great sometimes, we need to motivate ourselves by our own don't we? And the last thing, believe in ourselves that we can do it when we feel it like kinda impossible. If others can believe in us, why we don't? Addition in this, we are lucky if we have someone that believe in us more than we believe in ourselves. To those kind of people, love them, treasure them and also believe in them.

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