Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016: I live, I learn

 It has been a while since I updated my blog, more than three months I guess. I've been super triple busy since I returned to school. A lot stuffs need to be managed since I have left school for quite a long time and I'm still busy even it's holiday. Holiday is over and I just have time to write.

 So, since we can hear about New Year anywhere as 2016 is already over, I would like to share lessons that I learnt through out this year. It's important to learn from what happen in our life so we know how to fix ourselves to be someone better.

 First, I took a leave from school for about two months and half. I returned when it's only two weeks before the exam. Tbh, it's one of the craziest thing that I ever did in my life. How can I cover everything in just two weeks? It's impossible. I've been down for a while somehow and for that only time that left for me, I just started study although I don't know how to start since it's too much. So, I just study any subjects that I want. I can't think whether time for me is enough or not. I don't have time to even think about it. I just study even I almost burst my brain, trying to understand everything. Of course, it comes with a lot of tears. I studied and cried at the same time.  Just imagine, it's hard for me to understand even I present to class so it's a lot harder as I absent from it. That two weeks already over. Paper by paper, somehow I did pretty well. It's not that too well but it's more than okay for someone who absent for a long period. For that, I'm really grateful for my friends, trully grateful. Thanks for their notes, tutor and everything I'm able to write something during exam. I'm more than happy if I don't hand a blank paper. It's enough if I passed. Thanks to Allah, I have friends that really really nice. Without them, it must be really hard for me.

 From this I learnt that if we depend on Allah totally, Allah will show the way, show the solution. Ask for His help. He will help. Even things still don't go like we plan, at least there will be peace in our heart. Also, it's absolutely true that we get to know our true friends only when we in hard situation. Even they don't know how to help us but they really show that they want to help us or at least they stay by our side, not leaving us struggling alone. Be thankful if you found that rare kind of friends. And from this, it reminds me to not hesitate to do good deeds. If we want to do something good, don't think twice, just do it. It may sacrifice our time or what, but Allah will ease everyhing. We don't know which deeds that may help us in future. So, do as much deeds that we can.

 Second, appreciate everyone that make effort to keep in touch with us. Whether that person is our buddy from primary school or so on, or whether we don't close to them like before, or even we already have a tons of friends, if they show effort to keep our relationship with them, don't be the one that ruin that relationship. It's hard to find that kind of buddy nowadays.You are lucky actually if you find one. Learn to appreciate, please. *note to myself*

 Third, speak of love may look cliche or whatsover but it's something you know only if you face that situation by yourselves, not other people. It must be very long if I want to write about my life and love and also, it's better to keep only few know about it so I won't write about it here. But I will still write what I learnt as lesson is something that need to be shared.

 " Don't find love, one day love will find you ". Sometimes, the more we try to find, the more it go away from us. And sometimes, when we are busy trying to chase the love we want, the love that we need is actually always near to us. We just too blind to see it.

" When what we seek is human's love, it go away but when it's Allah's love that we seek, both will come to us ". Me too ever chasing human's love heartfully until one day I just feel tired to still doing it. So I put that love aside and I'm trying to find the true meaning of love. I'm still in the process but I found the answer little by little. Also, even it's not the same human's love that we seek before, Allah will send someone that out of our imagination into our life.

 In our life we may do mistakes as we are humans and in the scope of love, we always do mistakes because it's hard to put our heads straight. It's not important who is wrong but what's more important is how to fix what we did wrong. If do it together, fix together. And even we make mistake, believe that there is way to fix it back. It may not be easy, but it will be the way.

For this topic, my advice is especially for girls, if we trully want someone, trully serious with that person, gather the courage, tell your parents. Don't decide by your own as this life isn't about you only. For girls, remember that whatever happen to you, someone else will have to be responsible for it beside you too.

 Actually there is more that I can share but it seem like I forget what it is. So, if  I remember I will update this post time by time. Stay tuned guys!

P/s: Thanks for everyone that always by my side through 2016, hope you all still by my side this year too. 2016, make me realize how much I grown up and 2017 remind me there is much more things that wait me ahead. More things to learn, hope I'm strong enough to learn the hardest lesson, life lesson. As long I live, I will learn.

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