Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Resolutions

 Resolutions for 2017 aka my last year. I prefer to call it last year as it's what I want to achieve before I step out of this school. This year is my 7th year, being apart from family because of study. Stay far from family and having a little time to spend with family isn't easy. This year is my last so I really want to put my best. There is total 8 of them and I just list them randomly.

1. Drink a lot of water, at least three litres aka three bottles. Actually it's very important to drink water a lot. It help us to focus more in our study. It also make our skin look glowy. It's more important for someone who eat any supplements whether it's for beauty or health to drink more water. It's dangerous if they don't. The supplement will give effect affectively if we do drink a lot water.

2. Pray early. Train our own self to stop doing anything when it's time for prayer. If we can do this, that's mean we really put Allah as our first as He comes first over everything.

3. Finish all books that I bought before KLIBF 2017. It's important to finish all of them so there is no waste.

4. Never sleep in class ever again. Try our best to stay awake. Remember, half of success is stay focus in class.

5. Stay healthy, exercise at least once a week, at least do a stretching.

6. Memorize at a least a du'a to recite after pray.

7. Improve Arabic and English vocabulary by memorizing new words everyday. Language is important as it's the key of knowledge.

8. Be a better Allah's servant. Pray at the mosque. Don't be lazy and just pray alone. Don't be lazy even it's weekend.

 Even it's list for 2017 or last year, I really hope I can still do all of these even 2017 already over and I hope all of these become my life routine. As for these resolutions, feel free to punish ourselves if we don't reach the target. I like to punish myself to pay some sum of money into my 'bank'. In the same time, I have my own savings. I also punish myself in many ways. There is a lot that we can use as punishment. And also, don't forget to reward ourselves if we did great. We do all of this so we give all of our commitment and take it seriously. By the way, it's important to write down this stuff so we clear what we want. So in the end, good luck for myself and you all too!

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