Saturday, January 14, 2017

Versus: Changing For Good Isn't A Crime

 Among the novel outside there, one of my most favourite is Versus by Hlovate. I also love the other novels by Hlovate as Hlovate is kind of a good novelist but Versus definitely the most that I love. I don't know why but maybe its storyline has a lot common with things that I face in my life and what I feel through it. Maybe.

 By the way, please don't read this post unless you are someone who already read that novel completely from skin to skin and I, of course have done read it. Twice, on 2013 and 2016. I don't usually read something more than once but for some reasons I read it for the second time.

 From it, I do learnt a lot. Like usual, I like to share lessons that I found from anywhere. Even it just look like an ordinary novel from the outside, from its cover. Yeah that's why we shouldn't judge the book by its cover. I do it too sometimes. I can't help it since how the cover looks like really can be something that attract me or not.

 The first thing that I can remember is the definition of good. Well, all of us want to be a good human being. Don't we? But what is the guideline on how to be someone good? Easy to say, good is something that Allah ask us to do and bad is something that Allah ask us not to do. That's mean if we already pray five times a day but still not cover our aurah properly, it's not good enough. Also if we follow only parts of them and leave the rest, it's not enough. Practicing Islam isn't something that we did only the parts that we want to. It means we have to practise all of them. Nothing exclude. Many people said what is the use if someone pray but they still hurt others and there is always a lot of people that not pray outside there or not cover their aurah properly but they don't do something that hurt others. Why it's like that?  Shouldn't prayer be something that prevent someone from do something bad? Let me tell you a story. A guy met Hamka and he said that he has two neighbours. One of them doesn't pray but he doesn't hurt others while the other one is someone who pray but he always hurt others. He asked why it's happen like that. And Hamka said, the person that doesn't pray if he pray he will be someone better and the person who pray if he doesn't pray he will be someone worse. 

 Sometimes we never thought of being someone better as we thought it's enough the way we are. But if we really take a deep thought and think about ourselves, there always be something that we can fix inside ourselves. We may recite Quran everyday, but we may still not understand it properly, not practising it completely and so on. There is a lot to be fix, actually. Do it little by little is fine as long we never give up. Changing into someone better isn't something that happen in a blink of eyes. It takes time. To not doing something that we always did and doing something that we never do is never easy. Be grateful if Allah ease your path as this kind of path is full with a lot of test, a great one. Keep our time full of kindness so we don't have time to do something bad or even think about it. Also, be thankful if Allah turn our heart away from the evil thing and make us have no feeling to do it. Believe me, it is a blessing.

 Other thing that put me interesting in this novel is the two main characters, a guy and a girl. They are not unite during the beginning and they are apart for years but yet during the period of not seeing each other, they keep fixing theirselves, into someone better, a brand new one. These days, we always just find a good one, but why we are not trying to be a good one? We want someone that like this and this, but we don't do any much progress, for trying being someone better. It's not wrong to find someone good and nice, yeah everyone want a good one, everyone want the best. Just please be the best person that we can be. We may still not be the best but show effort at least and only us know whether we trully put effort or not.

 There is lot that we can learn from this novel but it's better if you read it by yourselves as I also don't know how to put about how I feel when I read it. But what I can say, it's worth to read it. It's not that kind of 7 pm-drama-love-story. For me, it's something that do happen in reality, not just a fantasy that everything look beautiful and have no obstacle.

 My last words, we change into better not for others but for ourselves because it's definitely the best thing for us. And sometimes, because of someone we change but we don't change because of that someone. Got it? And my trully last words, don't hesitate to change for good as changing for good isn't a crime. May Allah ease our path and keep us in His blessing, always. 

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