Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Here Comes, February

Our first 31 days have gone like a blink of eyes isn't it? Even so, here comes life lessons for this past month.

1. Being a good person doesn't mean that person is a saint, it doesn't mean no mistake at all, no sin. As we all know, all human being is a sinner and we know the best among the sinner is the one who repent. So if we realize that we just commit sin, doesn't matter how big or small it is, don't give up to ask for His forgiveness as He is the one who forgive the most.

2. Sin is something that clearly bad for us. But sometimes it's something that bring us closer to Allah. and anything that brings us closer to Allah is a blessing despite how it looks from the outside. I don't mean for us to always commit sin but what I mean is as we can't run away from commiting sin, we should make it something that bring us closer to Allah so it doesn't waste just like that.

3. We can't change our past but we can change our future. We may have something that make us wish to turn back the time so we can change what we have did, even we know it's impossible. We may the worst one in past but have faith that we still have the change to be someone better, the best version of us. Stay chill if people talk about the bad thing about us, as people will keep talking. In the end, only us know the latest version of us, whether it's the better or worse.

4. Our stories may not same to each other. Each of us has different stories and different stories doesn't mean it's wrong. It's not wrong, it just different. Don't feel down when this happen, keep our head straight, our story is just special the way it is. Remember, each of our life story is the best one as it's written by Him, the best writer.

5. Never judge others. Yeah sometimes I also did it but I already had my lesson because of it. Thanks to it, I learnt a lot. Usually when we judge others, the same thing will happen to us. When we judge others, we don't try to understand their situation, that's why sometimes it happen back to us so we can understand better. So just as reminder, keep in mind, don't judge others.

6. Be thankful if there is someone who always support us whether from behind or side, any way can do. When we feel like too tired to fight, they will say ' Just a little more, you can do it!'. You know, this kind of situation is really heartwarming, touching every inch of our heart.

7. To be success, to get what we want, by hook or by crook, we need to sacrifice. In the scope of study, we may get less sleep, less play, less movie, less game and such so we have most time for what we trully want. It may drain our energy to the extent we feel like we have no energy left, but believe me it worth it. The torture is just temporary but the result is forever. Keep praying so Allah ease everything and help us always.

8. Not everyone that study will success but to be success we need to study. Even that person is overly genius, study is still a must. Don't stop studying even we feel like there is no hope left as nothing is impossible for Allah. Seek for His help, He will obviously help.

9. We rarely got a second change so if we got one, don't get it waste or we will regret it.

10. Love sometimes make us weak, sometimes make us strong. So which one, we choose.

This all for this month. Hope the days after this will continuously filled with happiness, even it comes with price. Keep strong guys!

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