Monday, July 24, 2017

I'm Back, My Dear Blog

 Haihh mau bersarang dah blog ni. Hmm ape boleh buat.. angin menulis dah lesap entah ke mane. Masa pun tak berada nak ada even untuk diri sendiri. Ni pun curi masa tengah malam, waktu gini jelah free sikit. Esok ada ujian but still selamba badak je nak menulis. Tetibe rase geletak nak menulis. Gigih sangat nak menulis sampai susah payah pinjam lappy dengan orang lain sebab my lappy ade kat rumah lah pulak mase ni :(  Haih ni mesti kes terinspirasi tanpa sengaja.

 By the way, thanks to that one person I was inspired to get back to write again and inshaAllah I will try to write more regularly. I'm a newbie so if there is any mistake do tell me. Whether the grammar or language or idea or anything that contained in my post.

And in the end, I hope that my spirit always burn up. Keep writing dearself !

I choose writing to be a part of theraphy in my life beside other things too. In the same time I can learn how to put my mind and heart into words. Hope I ( and others also ) can pick as much benefits from this. Hopefully.

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